A functional analysis of Rab11a and Rab11b in endosomal recycling

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Artemiuk, Patrycja A.
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University College Cork
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Rab11 GTPases are a family of three monomeric G proteins which are involved in a number of cellular processes including cell division, cell migration and cargo trafficking. Rab11a and Rab11b share over 89% sequence similarity, while Rab25 is approximately 60% similar to Rab11a and Rab11b. Both Rab11a and Rab11b are ubiquitously expressed proteins while the expression of Rab25 is restricted to the epithelial cells. Rab11 GTPases have been implicated in a number of diseases including: neurological disorders, pathogenic infections, diabetes and cancer. The majority of research conducted on the Rab11 GTPase family has focused on Rab11a, whereas Rab11b remains the least well characterised member of this family. Thus, a functional analysis of Rab11a and Rab11b was conducted using RNAi gene knockdown and compared with developed stable cell line expressing the wild-type and dominant negative mutants of these GTPases. We observed that Rab11a and Rab11b differentially regulate protein levels of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR), Her2 and E-cadherin. Furthermore, a number of other observations indicating that Rab11a and Rab11b have distinct cellular roles have been observed. Together these suggest that Rab11a and Rab11b have non-redundant and non-overlapping functions in the cell.
Rab11 family , Rab GTPases , Epidermal growth factor receptors , Endosomal recycling
Artemiuk, P. A. 2019. A functional analysis of Rab11a and Rab11b in endosomal recycling. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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