Effect of road quality in structural health monitoring under operational conditions

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Jaksic, Vesna
Pakrashi, Vikram
O'Connor, Alan J.
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Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland
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The effect of unevenness in a bridge deck for the purpose of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) under operational conditions is studied in this paper. The moving vehicle is modelled as a single degree of freedom system traversing the damaged beam at a constant speed. The bridge is modelled as an Euler-Bernoulli beam with a breathing crack, simply supported at both ends. The breathing crack is treated as a nonlinear system with bilinear stiffness characteristics related to the opening and closing of crack. The unevenness in the bridge deck considered is modelled using road classification according to ISO 8606:1995(E). Numerical simulations are conducted considering the effects of changing road surface classes from class A - very good to class E - very poor. Cumulant based statistical parameters, based on a new algorithm are computed on stochastic responses of the damaged beam due to passages of the load in order to calibrate the damage. Possibilities of damage detection and calibration under benchmarked and non-benchmarked cases are considered. The findings of this paper are important for establishing the expectations from different types of road roughness on a bridge for damage detection purposes using bridge-vehicle interaction where the bridge does not need to be closed for monitoring.
Structural health monitoring , SHM , Euler-Bernoulli beam , Open crack , Road surface
Jaksic, V., Pakrashi, V. and O'Connor, A. (2012) "Effect of road quality in structural health monitoring under operational conditions", Bridge and Concrete Research in Ireland (BCRI), Dublin, 6-7 September.
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