Podcasts as a tool for enhancing mental health literacy: An investigation of mental health-related podcasts

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Ó Caoilte, Naoise
Lambert, Sharon
Murphy, Raegan
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Background: Podcasts, including mental health-related podcasts are an increasingly popular medium through which to access information. There is a significant scarcity of research on listeners’ experiences of mental health–related podcasts. The present research is the first of its kind and seeks to explore the experiences of mental health-related podcast listeners. Method: The present study gathered data, via an online survey (N=722). Data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics to examine factors which impacted participants’ reasons for, and experiences of listening to mental health-related podcasts, and their previous experiences of mental health services/resources. Findings: Results demonstrate that several demographic factors influence participant experiences of, and reasons for listening to mental health-related podcasts. A class divide emerged from the data and the results suggest that the most socially excluded portion of the study population, use podcasts as a tool for personal development and to improve their mental health literacy (MHL). Conclusion: Results provide evidence for the positive effects of listening to mental health-related podcasts, with biggest impacts seen in those in low income and educational status brackets. Furthermore, mental health-related podcasts are a promising resource that can be employed by formal mental health services as psychoeducational tools.
Podcasts , Mental health literacy , Psycho-education , Stigma , Help-seeking
Ó Caoilte, N., Lambert, S. and Murphy, R. (2023) 'Podcasts as a tool for enhancing mental health literacy: An investigation of mental health-related podcasts', Mental Health & Prevention, 30, 200285 (7pp). doi: 10.1016/j.mhp.2023.200285