A comprehensive study on the characterisation properties of power ultrasound-treated apple pomace powder and coffee silverskin powder

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Thangavelu, Karthikeyan P.
Tiwari, Brijesh
Kerry, Joseph P.
Álvarez, Carlos
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The study objective was to assess the effect of “power ultrasound (US)” at different intervals on the techno-functional properties of food co-product ingredients, apple pomace (AP) and coffee silverskin (CSS). The primary focus was on the characterisation of techno-functional properties of ingredients, which are necessary for suitable application in meat products, such as water absorption capacity (WAC), oil absorption capacity (OAC), colour evaluation, particle size and rheology. Improvement of techno-functional properties such as WAC, OAC and particle size of ingredients can improve the water-holding capacity, cook loss and emulsion stability of processed meat products thereby enhancing their eating quality. Aqueous solutions (10% w/v) of the individual ingredients were treated with US (20 kHz, 250 W) for 15 and 30 min and freeze-dried. Results of US-treated AP showed that there was a rise in WAC (P < 0.05) and OAC (P < 0.05), whereas in CSS, there was an increase in WAC and OAC, but were not significant enough to prove the effect of US. Proximate analysis showed that US decreased moisture (P < 0.05) in both ingredients. Results showed that there was an increase (P < 0.01) in the protein (%) of CSS but no significant difference in protein (%) in AP samples. No significant difference was observed in fat, ash, fibre and apparent viscosity for both US-treated ingredients. Colour difference (ΔE) showed that US produced visible colour changes in both AP and CSS. Particle-size analysis showed there was an increase (P < 0.01) in D (3, 2) values of both ingredients. The results indicate that US treatment has beneficial impacts on the techno-functional properties of food co-products, AP and CSS powders.
Apparent viscosity , Apple pomace , Coffee silver skin , Power ultrasound , Water and oil absorption capacity
Thangavelu, K.P., Tiwari, B.K., Kerry, J.P. and Álvarez, C. (2022) ‘A comprehensive study on the characterisation properties of power ultrasound-treated apple pomace powder and coffee silverskin powder’, European Food Research and Technology, 248(7), pp. 1939-1949. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00217-022-04017-8
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