Conceptual framework of contact-less consumer products industry during and post-pandemic era

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Sahal, Radhya
Alsamhi, Saeed H.
Brown, Kenneth N.
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The COVID-19 era has reshaped the world regarding the contact-less economy, healthcare systems, remote work environment, people’s lifestyle and their daily routines, etc. The consumer products (CP) industry is being impacted due to the behaviours of consumers during self-quarantine. This accelerates adopting digital transformation and upgrading the business models for the contact-less CP industry. Accordingly, this study provides a step toward the contact-less CP industry during and post-pandemic. First, we have proposed a conceptual framework for the contact-less CP industry that aims to bring together the key advanced technologies (e.g., Digital Twin (DT), blockchain, AI, cloud computing, 5G, and robots). The combination of the advanced technologies provides data monitoring, transparency, traceability, automation, and data sharing among consumers and CP partners. The proposed framework will enable a more contact-less personalized interaction that will work towards higher levels of consumer satisfaction while maintaining contact-less economy growth. Then, we have described how the proposed framework can be applied for contact-less delivery services for the CP industry during and post-pandemic.
Contact-less , Blockchain , Digital twin , Consumer products industry , COVID-19 , Post pandemic
Sahal, R., Alsamhi, Saeed.H. and Brown, K.N. (2022) ‘Conceptual framework of contact-less consumer products industry during and post-pandemic era’, 5th The Global IoT Summit, GIoTS 2022, Dublin, Ireland, 20-23 June, in A. González-Vidal, A. Mohamed Abdelgawad, E. Sabir, S. Ziegler, and L. Ladid (eds) Internet of Things, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13533 Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 161–174. doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-20936-9_13
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