Putting cultural change at the heart of your Vision and Plan: A One Library approach.

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Black, Coral
O'Regan, Donna
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Case Study Synopsis: UCC Library embarked on developing a new vision and plan in 2023, one that would set its future direction for the next five plus years. A ‘one library approach’ was taken to develop and implement the library’s new vision and plan. This co-design approach enabled and empowered staff to be part of the process from environmental scanning, stakeholder engagement to building the new strategic themes. The resulting vision and plan articulated the need for organisational realignment, new models of service delivery and a greater expectation on staff to engage and contribute to decision making. Rather than leading from the top, a ‘leading from everywhere’ way of working has been initiated, encouraging staff to step up and move beyond their role. This case study will demonstrate steps being taken to build a strong cultural proposition across the library team. Through extensive socialisation, communication, consultation, shared governance and proactive engagement, a real ‘partnership’ across the team is developing. Our aim - to build a culture of high performance, accountability and excellence, with an agile workforce who are engaged, enjoy the work they do and are working towards career ambitions. An initial library staff survey provides an opportunity to ‘check in’ our approach in the initial development phase through to the current
Cultural change , Shared leadership , Strategic planning , Library leadership , Engagement , Inclusion
Black, C. and O'Regan, D. (2024) 'Putting cultural change at the heart of your Vision and Plan: A One Library approach, UCC's Good Practice Symposium, UCC Quality Enhancement Unit, 24 May.
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