Biodiversity: the overlooked source of human health

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Linhares, Yuliya
Kaganski, Alexander
Agyare, Christian
Kurnaz, Isil A.
Neergheen, Vidushi
Kolodziejczyk, Bartlomiej
Kędra, Monika
Wahajuddin, Muhammad
El-Youssf, Lahcen
de la Cruz, Thomas Edison
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Biodiversity is the measure of the variation of lifeforms in a given ecological system. Biodiversity provides ecosystems with the robustness, stability, and resilience that sustains them. This is ultimately essential for our survival because we depend on the services that natural ecosystems provide (food, fresh water, air, climate, and medicine). Despite this, human activity is driving an unprecedented rate of biodiversity decline, which may jeopardize the life-support systems of the planet if no urgent action is taken. In this article we show why biodiversity is essential for human health. We raise our case and focus on the biomedicine services that are enabled by biodiversity, and we present known and novel approaches to promote biodiversity conservation.
Biodiversity , Biomedicine , Conservation , Biomolecules , Synthetic biology
Linhares, Y., Kaganski, A., Agyare, C., Kurnaz, I.A., Neergheen, V., Kolodziejczyk, B., Kędra, M., Wahajuddin, M., El-Youssf, L., de la Cruz, T. E., Baran, Y., Pešić, M., Shrestha, U., Bakiu, R., Allard, P. M., Rybtsov, S., Pieri, M., Siciliano, V., Flores Bueso., Y. (2022) 'Biodiversity: the overlooked source of human health', Trends in Molecular Medicine. doi: 10.1016/j.molmed.2022.12.002
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