A comprehensive view on quantity based aggregation for cadastral databases

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Al Khalil, Firas
Gabillon, Alban
Capolsini, Patrick
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Quantity Based Aggregation (QBA) control is a subject that is closely related to inference control in databases. The goal is to enforce k out of n disclosure control. In this paper we work on QBA problems in the context of cadastral databases: how to prevent a user from knowing 1) the owners of all parcels in a region, and 2) all parcels belonging to the same owner. This work combines and extends our previous work on the subject [1, 2, 3]. We overview the legislative context surrounding cadastral databases. We give important definitions related to the QBA concept. We present a complete model for QBA control in cadastral databases. We show how to implement the security policy efficiently, and we present our prototype of secure cadastral databases with some performance evaluations.
Security , Database , Access control , Inference , Aggregation
Al Khalil, F., Gabillon, A. and Capolsini, P. (2017) ‘A comprehensive view on quantity based aggregation for cadastral databases’, Journal of Information Security and Applications, 34(2), pp. 92-107. doi: 10.1016/j.jisa.2016.11.007