Blogging climate change: A case study

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Sajeev, Erangu Purath Mohankumar
Mintz-Woo, Kian
Damert, Matthias
Brunner, Lukas
Eise, Jessica
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Public perception of the magnitude of challenges associated with climate change is still lower than that of the majority of scientists. The societal relevance of climate change has raised the need for a more direct communication between scientists and the public. However, peer-reviewed scientific articles are not well-suited to engaging a wider audience. This begets a need to explore other avenues for communicating climate change. Social media is a vibrant source for information exchange among the masses. Blogs in particular are a promising tool for disseminating complex findings on topics such as climate change, as they are easier to comprehend and are targeted at a broader audience compared to scientific publications. This chapter discusses the usefulness of blogs in communicating climate change, using our blog Climate Footnotes ( ) as a case study. Drawing from communication theory and our experiences with Climate Footnotes, we identify and describe elements such as message framing, translation of scientific data, role of language, and interactivity in aiding climate change communication. The insights outlined herein help understand the nature and impact of online climate change communication. The chapter may also serve as a useful blueprint for scientists interested in utilizing blogs to communicate climate change.
Blogs , Climate change , Climate footnotes , Science communication , Science-to-public
Sajeev, E. P. M., Mintz-Woo, K., Damert, M., Brunner, L. and Eise, J. (2019) 'Blogging Climate Change: A Case Study', in Leal Filho, W., Lackner, B. & McGhie, H. (eds.) Addressing the Challenges in Communicating Climate Change Across Various Audiences. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 129-142. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-98294-6_9