Multicountry study protocol of COCOON: COntinuing Care in COVID-19 Outbreak global survey of New, expectant, and bereaved parent experiences

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Loughnan, Siobhan A.
Gautam, Rupesh
Silverio, Sergio A.
Boyle, Frances M.
Cassidy, Jillian
Ellwood, David Alan
Homer, Caroline S. E.
Horey, Dell
Leisher, Susannah H.
de Montigny, Francine
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Introduction: Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the provision of healthcare and efficiency of healthcare systems and is likely to have profound implications for pregnant and postpartum women and their families including those who experience the tragedy of stillbirth or neonatal death. This study aims to understand the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 and the experiences of parents who have accessed maternity, neonatal and bereavement care services during this time. Methods and analysis: An international, cross-sectional, online and/or telephone-based/face-to-face survey is being administered across 15 countries and available in 11 languages. New, expectant and bereaved parents during the COVID-19 pandemic will be recruited. Validated psychometric scales will be used to measure psychosocial well-being. Data will be analysed descriptively and by assessing multivariable associations of the outcomes with explanatory factors. In seven of these countries, bereaved parents will be recruited to a nested, qualitative interview study. The data will be analysed using a grounded theory analysis (for each country) and thematic framework analysis (for intercountry comparison) to gain further insights into their experiences. Ethics and dissemination: Ethics approval for the multicountry online survey, COCOON, has been granted by the Mater Misericordiae Human Research Ethics Committee in Australia (reference number: AM/MML/63526). Ethics approval for the nested qualitative interview study, PUDDLES, has been granted by the King's College London Biomedical & Health Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine and Natural & Mathematical Sciences Research Ethics Subcommittee (reference number: HR-19/20-19455) in the UK. Local ethics committee approvals were granted in participating countries where required. Results of the study will be published in international peer-reviewed journals and through parent support organisations. Findings will contribute to our understanding of delivering maternity care services, particularly bereavement care, in high-income, lower middle-income and low-income countries during this or future health crises.
Postnatal depression scale , Gierveld loneliness scale , Perinatal grief scale , State-trait anxiety , Perceived stress , Psychometric properties , Social loneliness , Validation , Stillbirths , Version
Loughnan, S. A., Gautam, R., Silverio, S. A., Boyle, F. M., Cassidy, J., Ellwood, D., Homer, C., Horey, D., Leisher, S. H., de Montigny, F., Murphy, M., O'Donoghue, K., Quigley, P., Ravaldi, C., Sandall, J., Storey, C., Vannacci, A., Wilson, A. N. and Flenady, V. (2022) 'Multicountry study protocol of COCOON: COntinuing Care in COVID-19 Outbreak global survey of New, expectant, and bereaved parent experiences', BMJ Open 2022, 12, e061550(12pp). doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-061550
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