Cork Life Centre with community-based participatory research module, UCC (PG6025)

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Lucey, Rachel
Chernyuk, Katerina
O’Shea, Jenna
Walsh, Orla
Proietti, Jacopo
Moraschini, Matteo
Murphy, Stephanie
Lynch, Arhonda
O’Callaghan, Amber
Faye, Darcy
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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Community-based Participatory Research (PG6025) is a module for PhD students in UCC coordinated by Ruth Hally (RH), Catherine O’Mahony (COM) and Kenneth Burns (KB). There is a different community partner each year as well as different PhD students. In 2023, 10 PhD students took part from disciplines including psychology, environmental science, social policy, and medicine. In 2022, the community partner for this module was Cork Life Centre. It was an experience enjoyed by, and of benefit to, both the UCC and Cork Life Centre (CLC) participants. When looking back at the partnership, it was obvious that there were further areas worthy of exploration. The module coordinators visited Rachel Lucey (Deputy Director) and Don O’Leary (Director) to explore the idea of coming together for a second successive year and we decided to another project for 2023. Rachel invited recent graduates from the Cork Life Centre to participate in the module and seven students agreed to take part. Rachel also participated. UCC provided research ethics approval for the study.
Cork Life Centre , Community partner
Lucey, R., Chernyuk, K, O’Shea, J., Walsh, O., Proietti, J., Moraschini, M., Murphy, S., Lynch, A., O’Callaghan, A., Faye, D., Hartnett, M., McCormick, L., O’Leary, D., Sharpe, R., Marah, K., O’Callaghan, A., Shrestha, T., Hally, R., Burns, K. and O’Mahony, C. (2023) Cork Life Centre with community-based participatory research module, UCC (PG6025). Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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