MinDFul: Using double links for stabilizing mmWave wireless channels for application to autonomous vehicles and augmented reality

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Ajorloo, Hossein
Sreenan, Cormac J.
Bomfin, Roberto
Danneberg, Martin
Fettweis, Gerhard
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Applications that require short-range ultra-high bitrate communication, such as cable removal in virtual reality games and communication between autonomous vehicles, are examining solutions such as millimetre wave wireless (mmWave). When using mmWave, steerable directional antennas are used to mitigate the severe signal power attenuation common with high frequencies. Nonetheless, even small movements in the user device can cause a sudden drop in data-rate down (even to 0 bits/s) making mmWave channels unstable and unusable. To make the channel more stable for the aforementioned applications, which are vulnerable due to frequent blockages and fast movement, we designed and developed a robust solution based on a double link mmWave system. We duplicate the radio transceivers (RT) of a user device (UD) to increase the probability of finding line of sight to an access point (AP) representing the other side of the communication channel. The AP selects one RT of the UD for communication, based on continuous measurement of quality compared to the channel of the other RT. This concept was implemented in a laboratory environment and evaluated using a series of controlled experiments. The experiments serve to validate that using double links is feasible, and is considerably more robust and it can double the link utilization, compared to only using one mmWave link. These results show great promise for the concept, by demonstrating that using multiple mmWave links yields ultra-high bit-rate wireless communication with no disruption, even in the presence of blockages and mobility.
Millimetre wave (mmWave) , Scheduling algorithm , Virtual reality (VR) games , Autonomous vehicles , Wireless communication , Beamsteering protocol , Steerable antenna array , Real-time system , Experimental testbed , 5G
Ajorloo, H., Sreenan, C. J., Bomfin, R., Danneberg, M. and Fettweis, G. (2020) 'MinDFul: Using double links for stabilizing mmWave wireless channels for application to autonomous vehicles and augmented reality', Procedia Computer Science, 175, pp. 365-372. doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2020.07.052