Onboarding new hires: recognising mutual learning opportunities

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Jeske, Debora
Olson, Deborah
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Emerald Publishing Ltd.
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Purpose – The onboarding stage of new hires represents a unique opportunity for mutual learning between the new hires and the organisation regardless of the company size. The current paper aims to address these learning opportunities. Design/methodology/approach – The authors reflect on current practice, draw on recent literature and their experience with recruitment and selection processes in the industry to generate new insights and identify opportunities for practitioners and new hires alike. Findings – Today’s new hires expect onboarding experiences that allow for a much greater degree of flexibility, customisation and personalisation. Similarly, many new hires expect hiring, onboarding, and learning and development to be interconnected to generate new learning and career opportunities. However, these expectations require changes in the way in which onboarding is implemented, evaluated and connected to other human resource practices, specifically with the dramatic (and successful) increase in remote work arrangements in 2020 in response to the global impact of the pandemic. Originality/value – The current paper provides readers with an overview of potential learning opportunities, outlines specific success factors and highlights a variety of pointers for practice and further professional development.
Onboarding , Induction , Proactivity , Learning , Attraction , Selection , Retention
Jeske, D. and Olson, D. (2021) 'Onboarding new hires: recognising mutual learning opportunities', Journal of Work-Applied Management. doi: 10.1108/JWAM-04-2021-0036
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