Medication reviews by a clinical pharmacist at an Irish university teaching hospital

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Kearney, Alan
Halleran, Ciaran
Walsh, Elaine K.
Byrne, Derina
Haugh, Jennifer
Sahm, Laura J.
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Purpose: Pharmacist-led medication reviews in hospitals have shown improvement in patient outcomes. The aim of this study is to describe the prevalence and nature of pharmacist interventions (PIs) following a medication review in an Irish teaching hospital. Methods: PIs were recorded over a six-month period in 2015. PIs were assessed by a panel of healthcare professionals (n = 5) to estimate the potential of adverse drug events (ADEs). Descriptive statistics were used for the variables and the chi square test for independence was used to analyse for any association between the variables. Results: Of the 1216 patients (55.8% female; median age 68 years (interquartile range 24 years)) who received a medication review, 313 interventions were identified in 213 patients. 412 medicines were associated with PIs, of which drugs for obstructive airway disease (n = 82), analgesics (n = 56), and antibacterial products for systemic use (n = 50) were the most prevalent. A statistically significant association was found between PI and patient’s age ≥65 years (p = 0.000), as well as female gender (p = 0.037). A total of 60.7% of the PIs had a medium or high likelihood of causing an ADE. Conclusion: Pharmacist-led medication review in a hospital setting prevented ADEs. Patients ≥65 years of age and female patients benefited the most from the interventions.
Hospital pharmacy , Pharmacist intervention , Medication review , Adverse drug event , Ireland
Kearney, A., Halleran, C., Walsh, E., Byrne, D., Haugh, J. and Sahm, L. (2017) 'Medication reviews by a clinical pharmacist at an Irish university teaching hospital', Pharmacy, 5(4), 60 (10pp). doi: 10.3390/pharmacy5040060
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