A review of the design and validation of web- and computer-based 24-h dietary recall tools

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van den Barg, Rinske
Blain, Richard J.
Kehoe, Laura
Evans, Katie
Walton, Janette
Timon, Claire M.
Flynn, Albert
Gibney, Eileen R.
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Cambridge University Press
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Technology-based dietary assessment offers solutions to many of the limitations of traditional dietary assessment methodologies including cost, participation rates and the accuracy of data collected. The 24-h dietary recall (24HDR) method is currently the most utilised method for the collection of dietary intake data at a national level. Recently there have been many developments using web-based platforms to collect food intake data using the principles of the 24HDR method. This review identifies web- and computer-based 24HDR tools that have been developed for both children and adult population groups, and examines common design features and the methods used to investigate the performance and validity of these tools. Overall, there is generally good to strong agreement between web-based 24HDR and respective reference measures for intakes of macro- and micronutrients.
Web-based recalls , Dietary assessment , Computer-based recalls , 24-h Dietary recall tools , Validation
Timon, C. M., van den Barg, R., Blain, R. J., Kehoe, L., Evans, K., Walton, J., Flynn, A. and Gibney, E. R. (2016) 'A review of the design and validation of web- and computer-based 24-h dietary recall tools', Nutrition Research Reviews, 29(2), pp. 268-280. doi:10.1017/S0954422416000172
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