Before 5 Family Centre and Community Academic Research Links, UCC

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Ahern, Christine
Barry, Mary
Burns, Kenneth
Calnan, Susan
Cosgrave, Sheila
Cotter, Gertrude
Dobrea, Maria
Foley, Sarah
Galvin, Martin
Golden, Betty
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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Before 5 were interested in exploring the current relevance of their service to families and community members in Churchfield, and to plan the future direction of their work. Before 5 wanted to create an exploratory space to collaborate with past and current users of their service to: a) discuss what the Before 5 service has contributed to Churchfield; b) to reimagine Before 5’s place and mission within the community; c) to generate new ideas for strengthening the services of Before 5, and d) to create a strong, active community of local past and current members interested in pursuing new ideas. This report is a short summary of the participatory research scoping and research design process that occurred throughout this partnership. Ethical approval was provided by the Social Research Ethics Committee at University College Cork.
Before 5 Family Centre , Churchfield , Urban area , North side of Cork city , Family support , Crèche , Preschool , Afterschool , Parent and toddler , Working class area
Ahern, C., Barry, M., Burns, K., Calnan, S., Cosgrave, S., Cotter, G., Dobrea, M., Foley, S., Galvin, M., Golden, B., Hally, R., Hamill, J., Hayes, G., Jump, O., Madden, I., Moynihan, C., O’Connor, L., O’Mahony, C., Ryan, K., Olwabunmi Taiwo, O., Wallace, T., Watson, C. (2017) Before 5 Family Centre and Community Academic Research Links, UCC. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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