Role-Play Kitchen – A web application

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Zdarek, Karel
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Department of German, University College Cork
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This paper introduces a web application designed primarily for language teachers to help them create and organize role-play and presents research results of the application testing in an educational setting. The work draws on the author’s previous research on a technique called “Radio Role-Play”, which uses the context of a fictional broadcast studio. Specifically, the idea for the app originated as an answer to certain limitations of the technique, mainly classroom organization aspects and the students’ time management within the role. The qualitative research is intended to find out how students perceive and evaluate the use of technology (the web application on tablets and smartphones) in role-playing, and how their role-playing experience might differ in comparison with non-digital (paper, oral) instruction. The application was tested with three groups of students aged 15-17 at Johannes Kepler Grammar School in Prague, Czech Republic, in May 2014. The data for this qualitative research were collected by means of an open questionnaire. The research findings are complemented with the teacher’s/author’s reflection in terms of the educational processes.
Zdarek, K. (2014) 'Role-Play Kitchen – A web application', Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, VIII(2), pp. 62-74.