Nanoporous domains in n-InP anodized in KOH

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Lynch, Robert P.
O'Dwyer, Colm
Sutton, David
Newcomb, Simon B.
Buckley, D. Noel
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Electrochemical Society
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A model of porous structure growth in semiconductors based on propagation of pores along the <111>A directions has been developed. The model predicts that pores originating at a surface pit lead to porous domains with a truncated tetrahedral shape. SEM and TEM were used to examine cross- sections of n-InP electrodes in the early stages of anodization in aqueous KOH and showed that pores propagate along the <111>A directions. Domain outlines observed in both TEM and SEM images are in excellent agreement with the model. The model is further supported by plan-view TEM and surface SEM images. Quantitative measurements of aspect ratios of the observed domains are in excellent agreement with the predicted values.
(1 1 0) surface , Anodization , Compound semiconductor (CS) , Cross sections (CS) , Early stages , Electrochemical Society (ECS) , International symposium , Nano porous , Porous domains , Porous structures , Predicted values , Quantitative measurements , Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images , SEM and TEM , Solution interfaces
Lynch, R. P., O'Dwyer, C., Sutton, D., Newcomb, S. B. and Buckley, D. N. (2007) 'Nanoporous Domains in n-InP Anodized in KOH', ECS Transactions, 6(2), pp. 355-366. doi: 10.1149/1.2731203
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