Migrations in our common home: Responding with care - Ireland's response to the Ukrainian crisis

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Kelly, Anthony
Bennett, Colette
Moriarty, David
Cubie, Dug
Forde, Gerry
McCarthy, Jo
McGeady, John
Balfe, Karol
Barry, John
O’Neill, Rory
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Social Justice Ireland
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Ireland’s response to the Ukrainian migrants has been almost exemplary and this “human rights first” approach should be the blueprint for a reshaping of Ireland’s International Protection system. Beyond the immediate challenges faced by Ukrainian people forcibly displaced, the wider geopolitical impacts of the crisis – the dependency on Russian fossil fuel production and resultant risks, together with risks to food security – will be felt globally into the future, and disproportionately impact those who can least absorb them. Ireland needs to focus on the care, human rights and wellbeing of all. The legitimate expectations of people living in Ireland are not being met. This is most obvious in areas such as housing and homelessness, a two-tier healthcare system, the deepening rural-urban divide, and high levels of poverty and social exclusion, especially among children. These are all areas that must be grappled with in addition to our response to the Ukrainian crisis. This policy briefing takes a look at the key issues and makes a series of policy recommendations aimed at addressing immediate and future challenges.
Policy Brief produced by the Roundtable on Migrations in Our Common Home
Ukraine , Ireland , Migration
Kelly, A., Bennett, C., Moriarty, D., Cubie, D., Forde, G., McCarthy, J., McGeady, J., Balfe, K., Barry, J., O’Neill, R., Healy, S., Curran, S., Daniel, V. O. I. (2022) Migrations in our common home: Responding with care - Ireland's response to the Ukrainian crisis. Dublin: Social Justice Ireland. Available at: https://www.socialjustice.ie/publication/migrations-our-common-home-responding-care-irelands-response-ukrainian-crisis (Accessed: 8 February 2023)
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