Separated children seeking asylum in Ireland.

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Veale, Angela
Palaudaries, Laila
Gibbons, Cabrini
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Irish Refugee Council
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This report updates the first report of the Irish Refugee Council published in 1999, entitled Separated children seeking asylum in Ireland: A report on legal and social conditions. At the time of the publication of that report, there were 32 separated children seeking asylum in Ireland. The number of separated children seeking asylum in Ireland has increased markedly. By March 2003, the number of separated children, entering Ireland and referred to the North Eastern Area Health Board was 2,7172. Nearly half, or 1,113 children, were reunited with family members already in Ireland. 1,316 separated children, under the care of the Health Boards, have made applications for asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees. Neither the Government nor non-statutory agencies anticipated this increase in the numbers of separated minors arriving in Ireland. Therefore administrative procedures and care services have had to be responsive to emergent needs rather than having developed through advance planning. This report aims to examine policy and practice with respect to the legal and social conditions of separated children in Ireland, in light of the Separated Children in Europe Programme’s (SCEP)3 ‘Statement of Good Practice’ (SGP). The Irish Refugee Council, a member of the Separated Children in Europe Programme, commissioned the report.
Child refugees , Asylum seekers Ireland , Child applicants , Refugee Applications Commissioner (ORAC) , Separated children
Veale, A., Palaudaries, L. and Gibbons, C. (2003) Separated children seeking asylum in Ireland. Dublin: Irish Refugee Council.
© 2003 the authors.