Design, implementation, and evaluation of an XG-PON module for ns-3 network simulator

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Arokkiam, Jerome A.
Alvarez, Pedro
Wu, Xiuchao
Brown, Kenneth N.
Sreenan, Cormac J.
Ruffini, Marco
Marchetti, Nicola
Doyle, Linda
Payne, David
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10-gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (XG-PON), one of the latest standards of optical access networks, is regarded as one of the key technologies for future Internet access networks. This paper presents the design and evaluation of our XG-PON module for the ns-3 network simulator. This module is designed and implemented with the aim to provide a standards-compliant, configurable, and extensible module that can simulate XG-PON with reasonable speed and support a wide range of research topics. These include analyzing and improving the performance of XG-PON, studying the interactions between XG-PON and the upper-layer protocols, and investigating its integration with various wireless networks. In this paper, we discuss its design principles, describe the implementation details, and present an extensive evaluation on both functionality and performance.
XG-PON , ns-3 , Simulation , Modeling , Performance evaluation , Standard-compliance
Arokkiam, J. A., Alvarez, P., Wu, X., Brown, K. N., Sreenan, C. J., Ruffini, M., Marchetti, N., Doyle, L. and Payne, D. (2017) 'Design, implementation, and evaluation of an XG-PON module for the ns-3 network simulator', Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, 93(5), pp. 409-426. doi: 10.1177/0037549716682093
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