Cork MABS study: Clients' experiences, opinions and satisfaction levels

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McCarthy, Olive
Lane, Caoilfhionn
Byrne, Noreen
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Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS)
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This study evaluates the Cork MABS service in terms of client satisfaction. The research found that there is an exceptionally high level of satisfaction with the MABS service among its clients. Cork MABS is seen by its clients as a highly professional and caring service. A large number of clients cited the peace of mind and the reassuring nature of the money advice process for them. It was found that there is a significant relationship between the perceived overall outcome in terms of clients’ ability to manage their financial affairs in a better way and their level of satisfaction with the service. Clients value the longer-term impacts as well as the more immediate money advice service. Some issues raised by clients were the need for more information on benefits and allowances and greater support in negotiating with creditors. For a small number of clients, particularly in the older age category, there were continuing uncertainties about the confidentiality of the service. There was some frustration about the length of time that clients had to wait for their first appointment with a money advisor. A significant relationship was found between waiting times and clients’ overall levels of satisfaction with the MABS service. The study makes a number of recommendations, most of which hinge on maintaining the current high level of support for MABS clients. Without this support, it is likely that satisfaction levels will begin to fall, and clients will suffer. The ethos of Cork MABS from the start has been about self-help and it continues to promote self-help over dependency among its clients. This in turn works to improve the financial capability of clients in the longer run which has wider societal benefits.
Money advice , Debt , Self-help , MABS , Money Advice and Budgeting Service
McCarthy, O., Lane, C. and Byrne, N. (2014) Cork MABS study: Clients' experiences, opinions and satisfaction levels. Money Advice and Budgeting Service, Cork: MABS.
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