6. SCENARIO Forum Symposium report

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Göksel, Eva
Giebert, Stefanie
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Department of German, University College Cork
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The symposium entitled 'Are Universities on the way towards a performative teaching, learning and research culture?' centred on the following questions: What exactly do we understand by a performative teaching and learning culture? Wherein exactly lies the benefit of applying performative approaches? How can we make university administrators and lecturers more aware of the immense innovative potential of going performative in higher level education?1 *This dialogue represents a subjective impression of the SCENARIO Forum Symposium as expressed by two fictional characters. It is best enjoyed when read aloud and taken with a grain of salt. Emily is typing. E: (reading aloud) Okay. On September 21 and 22nd the 6th SCENARIO Forum Symposium took place in Hanover. It was organised by the Fachsprachenzentrum of Hannover University and the Staatstheater Hannover in conjunction with SCENARIO. (Sabine enters, listening to Emily. She is obviously not very pleased by what she hears.) E: The title of the conference was... S: What are you doing?! I thought you were writing a report about a conference on performative teaching and learning. E: Yes, that is in fact what I am doing. S: You need to liven it up a bit! E: What do you mean? S: ...
Göksel, E. and Giebert, S. (2018) '6. SCENARIO Forum Symposium report', Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, XII(2), pp. 57-62. https://doi.org/10.33178/scenario.12.2.7