Sustaining the co-operative approach in an era of change: A case study from Cork Ireland

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McCarthy, Olive
Ward Michael
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Community Enterprise Trust Scotland
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This collection of essays draws together the research of fourteen international scholars to examine how the co-operative business model functions in practice within diverse cultural and social contexts. It includes case studies of co-operatives and credit unions operating in different national settings across Britain, continental Europe, Australasia and the Americas. Together the essays show how the concept of democratic co-operation, applied to enterprise in commercial markets, developed into the basis of a truly global movement. The Co-operative Model in Practice will be of interest to students and scholars in economics, business studies, sustainable development, history, and organisational theory and behaviour. It also serves as a valuable resource for policy-makers seeking alternative models for organising enterprise and society.
Co-operative movement , Agriculture , Irish dairy co-operatives
McCarthy, O. and Ward M. (2012) 'Sustaining the co-operative approach in an era of change: A case study from Cork Ireland', in: McDonnell, D. and Macknight, E., The Co-operative Model in Practice: International Perspectives, Aberdeen : Community Enterprise Trust Scotland. isbn:978-0-9555342-3-2