Is hospital based MMR vaccination for children with egg allergy here to stay?

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Hawkes, Colin P.
Mulcair, S.
Hourihane, Jonathan O'B.
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Egg allergy is incorrectly considered to constitute a contraindication to MMR in the community, despite a long history of its safe administration to egg allergic children. The product insert perpetuates this misinformation but the Irish guidelines from the RCPI are unequivocal. We reviewed all paediatric cases vaccinated in our hospital in 2007-2008. Forty seven of 91 children receiving vaccinations in hospital, had been referred for MMR due to concerns regarding egg allergy. In 32% (n=15), GP referral for vaccination was made despite correspondence from the clinic advising routine vaccination in the community. Nineteen were second MMR immunisations, which should all have occurred in the community. Unnecessary hospital referral for MMR vaccination is an extra burden on hospital resources, and causes unwarranted anxiety amongst parents of children with egg allergy. A change in practice seems difficult to achieve, as many referrals happen despite individualised correspondence to GPs and other referring clinicians outlining the current guidelines.
MMR vaccination , Egg allergy
Hawkes, C. P., Mulcair, S. and Hourihane, J. O. B. (2010) 'Is hospital based MMR vaccination for children with egg allergy here to stay?', Irish Medical Journal, 103(1), pp. 7-9. Available at: (Accessed: 30 November 2021)
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