Damage calibration of a beam using wavelet analysis and image processing

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Pakrashi, Vikram
O'Connor, Alan J.
Basu, Biswajit
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Bridge Engineering in Ireland
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Efficient damage detection and calibration of structures have gained great importance in recent times in terms of health monitoring and maintenance programmes. Wavelet analysis based damage detection and calibration from the deflected shape of beams are theoretically known to be a simple and efficient way of assessing damage. However, the measurement of the static or dynamic deflected shape of a vibrating beam is often difficult. The use of sophisticated devices to measure such spatial characteristics suffer from the disadvantage of high cost of the instrument and its unavailability. This paper considers a simply supported aluminium beam with an open crack and presents a video camera based inexpensive laboratory study to assess the damage using wavelet analysis. The vibrating deflected shape recorded by the camera has been processed using image processing methods and an intelligent pattern recognition procedure for the quantification of such the dynamic deflected shape at a particular instant of time. Wavelet analysis was subsequently performed on the damaged deflected shape to successfully identify the location of the damage and estimate the degree of damage for different crack depth ratios. The image analysis based detection is found to be a novel, easy and an inexpensive technique and the method is seen to have a potential for unmanned online structural health monitoring process.
Open crack , Wavelet
Pakrashi, V., O’Connor A.J., Basu B., 2006. Damage Calibration of a Beam using Wavelet Analysis and Image Processing. In: Bridge Engineering Research in Ireland (BEI), Third Symposium on Bridge and Infrastructure Research in Ireland. Dublin, Ireland.