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Tyndall National Institute


Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe's leading research centres, specialising in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware. Tyndall has a critical mass of over 360 researchers, engineers, students and support staff placing a particular emphasis on quality, accomplishment and the delivery to Ireland of value from research. Tyndall’s areas of expertise range from micro-nanolectronics, microsystems, and photonics to theory modeling supported by a central fabrication facility.

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  • Abraham, Lizy; Urru, Andrea; Wilk, Mariusz P.; Tedesco, Salvatore; Walsh, Michael; O'Flynn, Brendan (IEEE, 2017-11)
    This paper presents the applicability of a novel Lensless Smart Sensor (LSS) developed by Rambus, Inc. in 3D positioning and tracking. The unique diffraction pattern attached to the sensor enables more precise position ...
  • Gammon, P. M.; Chan, C. W.; Li, F.; Gity, Farzan; Trajkovic, T.; Pathirana, V.; Flandre, D.; Kilchytska, V. (Elsevier Ltd, 2018)
    Novel silicon-on-silicon carbide (Si/SiC) substrates are being developed in order to produce lateral power devices for harsh environment applications. Two methods of producing 100 mm Si/SiC substrates are detailed by wafer ...
  • Chaudhari, Atul; Ghoshal, Tandra; Shaw, Matthew T.; O'Connell, John; Kelly, Róisín A.; Glynn, Colm; O'Dwyer, Colm; Holmes, Justin D.; Morris, Michael A. (Wiley, 2016-03-01)
    The electronics industry is beginning to show interest in 2D molybdenum disulfide (2D‐MoS2) as a potential device material due to its low band gap and high mobility. However, current methods for its synthesis are not “fab” ...
  • Carvajal, Joan J.; Mena, Josue; Aixart, J.; O'Dwyer, Colm; Diaz, Francesc; Aguilo, Magdalena (Electrochemical Society, 2017-09)
    Here we present the fabrication of LEDs based on porous GaN produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and reviewed the work done that allowed demonstrating p-n junction rectifiers and MOS diodes in a simple manner and ...
  • Lynch, Robert P.; O'Dwyer, Colm; Quill, Nathan; Nakahara, Shohei; Newcomb, Simon B.; Buckley, D. Noel (Electrochemical Society, 2008-10)
    This paper describes the formation of pores during the anodization of n-InP in aqueous KOH. The pores propagate preferentially along the <111>A crystallographic directions and form truncated tetrahedral domains. A model ...

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