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Tyndall National Institute


Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe's leading research centres, specialising in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware. Tyndall has a critical mass of over 360 researchers, engineers, students and support staff placing a particular emphasis on quality, accomplishment and the delivery to Ireland of value from research. Tyndall’s areas of expertise range from micro-nanolectronics, microsystems, and photonics to theory modeling supported by a central fabrication facility.

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  • Ghiyasi, Ramin; Philip, Anish; Liu, Ji; Julin, Jaakko; Sajavaara, Timo; Nolan, Michael; Karppinen, Maarit (American Chemical Society, 2022-05-22)
    We present a new type of atomic layer deposition (ALD) process for intermetallic thin films, where diethyl zinc (DEZ) serves as a coreactant. In our proof-of-concept study, FeCl3 is used as the second precursor. The FeCl3 ...
  • Sayem, Abu Sadat Md.; Lalbakhsh, Ali; Esselle, Karu P.; Buckley, John L.; O'Flynn, Brendan; Simorangkir, Roy B. V. B. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2022-09-15)
    Optically transparent electronic devices have attracted enormous interests in recent years. The development of transparent electronics emerges a lot of new industrial applications in variety of fields, such as displays, ...
  • Zand, I.; Antony, Cleitus; Chen, X.; Bogaerts, W. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2022-08-22)
    We introduce a software framework for design and programming of large scale programmable photonic chips. The framework facilitates design, simulation, configuration and measurements of reconfigurable waveguide meshes, ...
  • Ugwahy, Anulika Justina (University College Cork, 2022-05)
    Breast cancer is common, affecting 2 out of 10 women with a suspicious lesion. There is no real-time preoperative diagnosis for breast disease. The triple assessment for detection includes a self/clinical breast examination, ...
  • Bahrami, Sirous; Moloudian, Ghollamhosein; Song, Ho-Jin; Buckley, John L. (IEEE, 2022-03-28)
    In this paper, a tunable circularly polarized antenna with a reconfigurable integrated feed network is proposed for cognitive radio applications. The integrated feed network is composed of an ultra-wideband (UWB) band-pass ...

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