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Tyndall National Institute


Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe's leading research centres, specialising in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware. Tyndall has a critical mass of over 360 researchers, engineers, students and support staff placing a particular emphasis on quality, accomplishment and the delivery to Ireland of value from research. Tyndall’s areas of expertise range from micro-nanolectronics, microsystems, and photonics to theory modeling supported by a central fabrication facility.

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  • Hu, Zhouyi; Shao, Yingjie; Ouyang, Xing; Tong, Yeyu; Zhao, Jian; Tsang, Hon Ki; Townsend, Paul D.; Chan, Chun-Kit (Optical Society of America, 2019-11-04)
    We propose probabilistically shaped quadrature amplitude modulation (PS-QAM) formats to maximize the capacity in fiber transmission systems using orthogonal chirp-division multiplexing (OCDM). OCDM possesses the property ...
  • Dahiya, A. S.; Thireau, J.; Boudaden, J.; Lal, S.; Gulzar, Umair; Zhang, Yan; Gil, T.; Azemard, N.; Ramm, P.; Kiessling, T.; O'Murchu, Cian; Sebelius, F.; Tilly, J.; Glynn, Colm; Geary, S.; O'Dwyer, Colm; Razeeb, Kamil M.; Lacampagne, A.; Charlot, B.; Todri-Sanial, A. (Electrochemical Society, 2019-12-09)
    Energy Autonomous Wearable Sensors (EAWS) have attracted a large interest due to their potential to provide reliable measurements and continuous bioelectric signals, which help to reduce health risk factors early on, ongoing ...
  • Mintairov, A. M.; Lebedev, D. V.; Bert, N.; Belyaev, K. G.; Nevedomskiy, V. N.; Rakhlin, M. V.; Toropov, A. A.; Vlasov, A. S.; Gocalinska, Agnieszka; Juska, Gediminas; Pelucchi, Emanuele; Arredondo, M. A.; Naden, A. B.; Shelaev, A. V.; Bykov, V. A. (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2019-11-12)
    We used transmission electron microscopy, Raman, and photoluminescence spectroscopy to identify the effect of CuPt-type GaP-InP atomic ordering (AO) on the structural and emission properties of self-organized (SO) InP/GaInP2 ...
  • Noor-A-Alam, Mohammad; Olszewski, Oskar Z.; Nolan, Michael (American Chemical Society, 2019-05-10)
    Based on density functional theory, we investigate the ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of the AlN/ScN superlattice, consisting of ScN and AlN buckled monolayers alternating along the crystallographic c-direction. ...
  • Chandran, Satheesh; Ruth, Albert A.; Martin, Eamonn P.; Alexander, Justin K.; Peters, Frank H.; Anandarajah, Prince M. (MDPI, 2019-11-28)
    A custom-designed gain-switched frequency comb (GSFC) source was passively coupled to a medium finesse (F ≈ 522) cavity in off-axis configuration for the detection of ammonia (14NH3) in static dry air. The absorption of ...

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