C-reactive protein and radiographic findings of lower respiratory tract infection in infants.

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Twomey, Maria
Fleming, Hannah
Moloney, Fiachra
Murphy, Kevin P.
Crush, Lee
O'Neill, Siobhán B.
Flanagan, Oisin
Bogue, Conor O.
O'Connor, Owen J.
Maher, Michael M.
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AIM: To evaluate the association between C-reactive protein (CRP) and radiological evidence of lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) in infants. METHODS: All patients aged less than 4 years who presented with suspected lower respiratory tract infection, who received a peri-presentation chest radiograph and CRP blood measurement over an 18-mo period were included in the study. Age, gender, source of referral, CRP, white cell count, neutrophil count along with the patients’ symptoms and radiologist’s report were recorded. RESULTS: Three hundred and eleven patients met the inclusion criteria. Abnormal chest radiographs were more common in patients with elevated CRP levels (P < 0.01). Radiologic signs of LRTI were identified in 73.7% of chest radiographs when a patient had a CRP level between 50-99 mg/L. CRP levels were a better predictor of positive chest radiograph findings for those aged greater than I year compared to those 1 year or less. CONCLUSION: CRP may be used in patients with suspected LRTI diagnosis to select those who are likely to have positive findings on chest radiograph, thus reducing unnecessary chest radiographs. Core tip: Abnormal chest radiograph findings are significantly more common in patients with elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. Young children are most likely to have abnormal chest radiograph findings if they have all three of the following; a CRP level of 50-99 mg/L, respiratory symptoms and if they are aged greater than 1 year.
Chest radiograph , C-reactive protein , Chest infection , Respiratory infection , Pediatric
Twomey, M., Fleming, H., Moloney, F., Murphy, K. P., Crush, L., O’Neill, S. B., Flanagan, O., James, K., Bogue, C., O’Connor, O. J. and Maher, M. M. (2017) ‘C-reactive protein and radiographic findings of lower respiratory tract infection in infants’, World Journal of Radiology: WJR, 9(4) pp. 206-211. doi:10.4329/wjr.v9.i4.206