Maternity ultrasound in the Republic of Ireland 2016: a review

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Hayes-Ryan, Deirdre
McNamara, Karen
Russell, Nóirín
Kenny, Louise C.
O'Donoghue, Keelin
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Antenatal ultrasound, comprising of a dating ultrasound in the late first trimester followed by a fetal anomaly scan, is a recognised and necessary component of good antenatal care. We conducted a telephone survey of all 19 obstetric units to ascertain the status of maternity ultrasound provision in Ireland. Fetal anomaly ultrasound is offered universally to all women in 7/19 (37%) units, selectively to some women in 7/19 (37%) units and not offered at all in the remaining 5/19 (26%) units. Overall ≈ 41,700 (64%) women receive a fetal anomaly ultrasound nationally. Universal first trimester ultrasound, performed in a dedicated ultrasound department by a suitably qualified sonographer, is offered to 47% of women nationally. This study highlights the lack of development in Irish maternity ultrasound services over the last decade. Substantial investment by health care policy makers is urgently needed.
Maternity services , Ultrasound
Hayes-Ryan, D., McNamara, K.,Russell, N., Kenny, L. and O'Donoghue, K. (2017) 'Maternity ultrasound in the Republic of Ireland 2016: a review', Irish Medical Journal, 110(7), 598 (9pp). doi:10147/622508
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