A 3D hand motion capture device with haptic feedback for virtual reality applications

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Torres-Sanchez, Javier
Tedesco, Salvatore
O'Flynn, Brendan
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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In this paper, the challenges associated with the design of new generation hand motion capture devices for Virtual Reality (VR) applications are described. The need for developing a hand motion capture device with tactile feedback that integrates all the sensors and actuators associated with VR, while meeting the latency requirements is introduced. A detailed description of functional and non-functional specifications is also given. Finally, a comparison study with commercially available technology is provided highlighting that the proposed device compares favorably not only in terms of functional parameters, such as connectivity, integration of sensors and actuators, and latency, but also in terms of non-functional parameters, e.g., no need to wash, ambidextrous features and modularity.
Actuators , Haptic interfaces , Virtual reality , Hand motion capture device , Haptic feedback , VR , Tactile feedback , Virtual reality applications , Sensors , Thumb , Data gloves , Three-dimensional displays
Torres-Sanchez, J., Tedesco, S. and O'Flynn, B. (2018) 'A 3D hand motion capture device with haptic feedback for virtual reality applications', 2018 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference (GEM), Galway, Ireland, 15-17 August, pp. 232-238. doi:10.1109/GEM.2018.8516460
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