Computational design of metamorphic In(N)AsSb mid-infrared light-emitting diodes

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Arkani, Reza
Broderick, Christopher A.
O'Reilly, Eoin P.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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We present a theoretical investigation of the optical properties of metamorphic InN\pmby(As 1-x Sb x ) 1-y /Al z In 1-z As type-I quantum wells (QWs) designed to emit at mid-infrared wavelengths. The use of Al z In 1-z As metamorphic buffer layers has recently been demonstrated to enable growth of lattice-mismatched In As 1-x Sb x QWs having emission wavelengths 3 μm on GaAs substrates. However, little information is available regarding the properties of this newly established platform. We undertake a theoretical analysis and optimisation of the properties and performance of strain-balanced structures designed to emit at 3.3 and 4.2 μm, where we recommend the incorporation of dilute concentrations of nitrogen (N) to achieve emission beyond 4 μm. We quantify the calculated trends in the optical properties, as well as the ability to engineer and optimise the overall QW performance. Our results highlight the potential of metamorphic InN y (As 1-x Sb x ) 1-y /Al z In 1-z As QWs for the development of mid-infrared light-emitting diodes, and provide guidelines for the growth of optimised structures.
Aluminium compounds , Buffer layers , Gallium arsenide , Gallium compounds , III-V semiconductors , Indium compounds , Optical design techniques , Semiconductor growth , Semiconductor quantum wells , Strain-balanced structures , Optimisation , Theoretical analysis , Newly established platform , GaAs substrates , x QWs , Lattice-mismatched , Metamorphic buffer layers , Mid-infrared wavelengths , Type-I quantum wells , Metamorphic InN , pmby , Optical properties , Theoretical investigation , Mid-infrared light-emitting diodes , Computational design , Size 3.0 mum , Size 4.0 mum , Size 3.3 mum , Size 4.2 mum , AlzIn1-z , InNy , Strain , Metals , Photonic band gap , Light emitting diodes , Optical superlattices , Lattices , Stimulated emission , Emission wavelengths 3 µm
Arkani, R., Broderick, C. A. and O'Reilly, E. P. (2018) 'Computational design of metamorphic In(N)AsSb mid-infrared light-emitting diodes', 2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO), Cork, Ireland, 23-26 July. doi:10.1109/NANO.2018.8626250
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