Examining talent pools as a core talent management practice in multinational corporations

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Jooss, Stefan
Burbach, Ralf
Ruël, Huub
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Many organisations view talent management (TM) as perhaps the most critical challenge of this century. Consequently, it would seem vital that multinational corporations essayed to employ talent pools (TPs) to identify and manage talent more strategically. This paper examines critically the use of TPs as a core TM practice in multinational corporations. Through a multilevel case study of three organisations, we draw on 73 in-depth interviews with human resources and operational leaders at corporate and business unit levels to ascertain how TPs contribute to TM effectiveness. Findings show that TPs can provide a platform for the development of a strong internal talent pipeline if an appropriate TM framework is in place. The results imply that TPs need to be actively managed and underpinned by a rigorous and strategic decision-making process to establish the necessary depth and breadth of talent within TPs, which, in turn, will ensure the overall effectiveness of the TM process. This research responds to the call for much needed empirical evidence on TP practices and suggests a more nuanced view on TP management. Furthermore, this paper offers a model that conceptualises a systematic approach to TP management.
Talent pools , Talent identification , Talent management , Multinational corporations , Multilevel case study
Jooss, S., Burbach, R. and Ruël, H. (2019) 'Examining talent pools as a core talent management practice in multinational corporations', The International Journal of Human Resource Management, pp. 1-32. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2019.1579748
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