Microbial regulation of microRNA expression in the brain-gut axis

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Moloney, Gerard M.
Dinan, Timothy G.
Clarke, Gerard
Cryan, John F.
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Elsevier Ltd.
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The gut microbiome facilitates a consistent transfer of information between the gut and the brain and microRNAs may now represent a key signalling molecule that facilitates this relationship. This review will firstly examine how these small non-coding RNAs influence the gut microbiome, and secondly how the microbiome, when disturbed, may influence miRNA expression in the brain. In addition, we will examine the consequence that microbiome-related changes in miRNA expression have on neurodevelopment, behaviour and cognition. We will also discuss novel data that suggests miRNAs contained in our diet may influence our immune system in a positive manner, offering a further potential pathway for treatment of disorders of the gutâ brain axis that are influenced by the microbiome.
MicroRNA , Gut microbiome , MiRNA , Neurodevelopment , Behaviour , Cognition , Diet , Immune system
Moloney, G. M., Dinan, T. G., Clarke, G. and Cryan, J. F. (2019) 'Microbial regulation of microRNA expression in the brain-gut axis', Current Opinion in Pharmacology, 48, pp. 120-126. doi: 10.1016/j.coph.2019.08.005