VAMP - a vision based sensor network for health care hygiene

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Curran, Padraig
Buckley, John
O'Flynn, Brendan
Li, Xuchun
Zhou, Jiang
Lacey, Gerard
Ó Mathúna, S. Cian
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Adequate hand-washing has been shown to be a critical activity in preventing the transmission of infections such as MRSA in health-care environments. Hand-washing guidelines published by various health-care related institutions recommend a technique incorporating six hand-washing poses that ensure all areas of the hands are thoroughly cleaned. In this paper, an embedded wireless vision system (VAMP) capable of accurately monitoring hand-washing quality is presented. The VAMP system hardware consists of a low resolution CMOS image sensor and FPGA processor which are integrated with a microcontroller and ZigBee standard wireless transceiver to create a wireless sensor network (WSN) based vision system that can be retargeted at a variety of health care applications. The device captures and processes images locally in real-time, determines if hand-washing procedures have been correctly undertaken and then passes the resulting high-level data over a low-bandwidth wireless link. The paper outlines the hardware and software mechanisms of the VAMP system and illustrates that it offers an easy to integrate sensor solution to adequately monitor and improve hand hygiene quality. Future work to develop a miniaturized, low cost system capable of being integrated into everyday products is also discussed.
Hand-washing , Intelligent Vision System , FPGA , CMOS Image Sensor
Curran, P., Buckley, J., O'Flynn, B., Li, X., Zhou, J., Lacey, G., Ó Mathúna, S.C. 2008. VAMP - a vision based sensor network for health care hygiene. In: NBC '08 14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering Riga, Latvia 9-13 June, 2008.
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