Application of S transform in structural health monitoring

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Pakrashi, Vikram
Ghosh, Bidisha
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The successful detection of change in a data or in any of its derivatives in the presence of noise is a critical component of structural health monitoring and damage detection. This sudden change can be brought about by a sudden change in the strain or the stress field of the structural system under consideration. Two very typical examples of such sudden changes are the sudden change in stiffness of a vibrating single degree of freedom system in time and the local perturbation of stress and strain fields of a beamlike structure in space due to the presence of an open crack. New methods and analysis techniques have become popular in the field of structural health monitoring to detect and characterise such changes. Time – frequency techniques, like wavelet analysis are being more widely used in this regard in the recent times for the detection of presence, location and the calibration of the extent of these changes. This paper presents the application of S transform for the successful detection and calibration of damage in time and in space in the presence of additive Gaussian white noise. The performance of S transform based detection is compared with wavelet based and statistics based methodologies. The application and use of S transform in the field of structural health monitoring is observed to be extremely promising.
Wavelet , Damage , Short time Fourier transform , Kurtosis
Pakrashi V., Ghosh B., 2009. Application of S transform in structural health monitoring. In: 7th International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing in Civil Engineering (NDTCE). Nantes, France 30 Jun - 3 Jul 2009.