System dynamics within typical days of a high variable 2030 European power system

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Brinkerink, Maarten
Shivakumar, Abhishek
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The effect of variability in electricity generation on future high variable European power systems is a subject of extensive research within the current scientific literature. The common approach in these studies, regarding the assessment of the impact of the variability and related balancing assets, is by showing yearly aggregates (or longer) of results based on a variety of indicators. Although significant, these studies often lack in temporal details. This paper therefore focuses on the dynamics between load, generation, marginal cost and assets for balancing the generation variability, within a variety of typical days in a fully-integrated European power market. This is done by assessments of daily snapshots based on an hourly time resolution. The assessments underline the necessity of balancing assets, both during peaks as well as during lows in the output of variable generators. Interconnection capacity, electricity storage and demand response (DR) applications all contribute to renewables integration and to optimized utilization of cost-efficient generation capacity throughout the European power system. Important load flows from and towards load centers with high capacities of variable renewables are identified, as well as a significant role for transit countries with high interconnection capacities between these load centers. Despite the importance of electricity storage, it is shown that the traditional diurnal utilization of centralized electricity storage fleets becomes less viable with increasing penetration of variable renewables. A potential high CO2 price in the future European power market can become a determining factor in the system dynamics. Large price differentials in the merit order stimulate long distance flows as well as an increasing profitability for storage assets.
Power system modelling , European power system , Variable renewables , Integrated energy market , Artelys Crystal Super Grid
Brinkerink, M. and Shivakumar, A. (2018) 'System dynamics within typical days of a high variable 2030 European power system', Energy Strategy Reviews, 22, pp. 94-105. doi: 10.1016/j.esr.2018.08.009