Sulfoxides: potent co-crystal formers

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Eccles, Kevin S.
Elcoate, Curtis J.
Stokes, Stephen P.
Maguire, Anita R.
Lawrence, Simon E.
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American Chemical Society
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The design of co-crystals requires knowledge of robust supramol. synthons. The sulfoxide is a potent H bond acceptor and was used as a co-crystal former with a range of NH functional groups, via N-H···O=S H bonds. The NH functional group retains favorable H bond motifs from its own structure in all cases where this is possible, with the sulfoxide interacting in a discrete, capping fashion in four cases and in a bifurcated, bridging fashion in the three other cases presented here. Crystallog. data are given for 7 co-formers, dibenzyl sulfoxide and cyclohexanecarbothioamide.
Crystallography and liquid crystals
ECCLES, K. S., ELCOATE, C. J., STOKES, S. P., MAGUIRE, A. R. & LAWRENCE, S. E. 2010. Sulfoxides: Potent Co-Crystal Formers. Crystal Growth & Design, 10, 4243-4245.
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