Teaching tip: Embedding sustainability in information systems design education

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Rowan, Wendy
McCarthy, Stephen
Mebrahtu, Selam
Gauche, Christophe
O'Reilly, Kate
Odili, Damilola
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ISCAP, Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals,
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Sustainability refers to the achievement of present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. While prior research has highlighted the potential of Information Systems (IS) to support sustainability objectives - for instance, through supporting eco-efficient work practices and democratising healthcare access - our understanding of how to integrate the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a core aspect of IS teaching and curricula remains nascent. This teaching tip presents a pedagogical design and teaching method for embedding sustainability in systems design education using design thinking and ‘active learning’ techniques. We provide examples of how students translated the SDGs into design concepts that target real-world sustainability problems with feedback from subject matter experts. Recommendations are then provided for supporting students’ experiential journeys when exploring sustainability objectives in the classroom by providing opportunities for variation and experimentation.
IS education , Sustainable Development Goals , Design thinking , Active learning , Digital social innovation.
Rowan, W., McCarthy, S., Mebrahtu, S., Gouache, C., O’Reilly, K. and Odili, D (2024), “Teaching Tip: Embedding Sustainability in Information Systems Design Education”, Journal of Information Systems Education, 35(2), https://jise.org/Volume35/index.html
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