Rootlets, a malting by-product with great potential

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Neylon, Emma
Arendt, Elke K.
Lynch, Kieran M.
Zannini, Emanuele
Bazzoli, Paolo
Monin, Thomas
Sahin, Aylin W.
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Barley rootlets are the most abundant by-product from the malting industry. Due to the inherent association of the malting industry with brewing and distilling industries, it is also considered a by-product of these industries. Barley rootlets are produced during the germination step of malting. These rootlets are a valuable source of nutrition, with protein and fibre holding a large proportion of their composition. Barley rootlets are generally pelletised and used as animal fodder; however, their usage may not be limited to this. Efforts have been made to utilise barley rootlets as food ingredients, sources of enzymes, antioxidants, raw materials in fermentations, and in biochar production. Conversion of this by-product into other/new applications would reduce waste production from their industry origin and reduce some of the impending environmental concerns associated with by-product production. The current review focuses on providing information on the formation, production, and processing of barley rootlets, while also highlighting the composition, quality, and potential applications of barley rootlets.
Malt rootlets , Barley rootlets , Malt culm/s , Malt sprouts , By-product valorisation
Neylon, E., Arendt, E. K., Lynch, K. M., Zannini, E., Bazzoli, P., Monin, T. and Sahin, A. W. (2020) 'Rootlets, a malting by-product with great potential', Fermentation, 6(4), 117 (26pp). doi: 10.3390/fermentation6040117
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