Stretching the equilibrium limit of Sn in Ge1–xSnx nanowires: implications for field effect transistors

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Biswas, Subhajit
Doherty, Jessica
Galluccio, Emmanuele
Manning, Hugh G.
Conroy, Michele
Duffy, Ray
Bangert, Ursel
Boland, John J.
Holmes, Justin D.
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American Chemical Society
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Ge1–xSnx nanowires incorporating a large amount of Sn would be useful for mobility enhancement in nanoelectronic devices, a definitive transition to a direct bandgap for application in optoelectronic devices and to increase the efficiency of the GeSn-based photonic devices. Here we report the catalytic bottom-up fabrication of Ge1–xSnx nanowires with very high Sn incorporation (x > 0.3). These nanowires are grown in supercritical toluene under high pressure (21 MPa). The introduction of high pressure in the vapor–liquid–solid (VLS) like growth regime resulted in a substantial increase of Sn incorporation in the nanowires, with a Sn content ranging between 10 and 35 atom %. The incorporation of Sn in the nanowires was found to be inversely related to nanowire diameter; a high Sn content of 35 atom % was achieved in very thin Ge1–xSnx nanowires with diameters close to 20 nm. Sn was found to be homogeneously distributed throughout the body of the nanowires, without apparent clustering or segregation. The large inclusion of Sn in the nanowires could be attributed to the nanowire growth kinetics and small nanowire diameters, resulting in increased solubility of Sn in Ge at the metastable liquid–solid interface under high pressure. Electrical investigation of the Ge1–xSnx (x = 0.10) nanowires synthesized by the supercritical fluid approach revealed their potential in nanoelectronics and sensor-based applications.
Bottom-up growth , Supercritical fluid , Field-effect transistor , Germanium-tin , Nonequilibrium alloy
Biswas, S., Doherty, J., Galluccio, E., Manning, H. G., Conroy, M., Duffy, R., Bangert, U., Boland, J. J. and Holmes, J. D. (2021) 'Stretching the Equilibrium Limit of Sn in Ge1–xSnx Nanowires: Implications for Field Effect Transistors', ACS Applied Nano Materials, 4(2), pp. 1048-1056. doi: 10.1021/acsanm.0c02569