Scanning electron microscope as a flexible tool for investigating the properties of UV-emitting nitride semiconductor thin films

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Trager-Cowan, C.
Alasmari, A.
Avis, W.
Bruckbauer, J.
Edwards, P. R.
Hourahine, B.
Kraeusel, S.
Kusch, G.
Johnston, R.
Naresh-Kumar, G.
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OSA - The Optical Society
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In this paper we describe the scanning electron microscopy techniques of electron backscatter diffraction, electron channeling contrast imaging, wavelength dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, and cathodoluminescence hyperspectral imaging. We present our recent results on the use of these non-destructive techniques to obtain information on the topography, crystal misorientation, defect distributions, composition, doping, and light emission from a range of UV-emitting nitride semiconductor structures. We aim to illustrate the developing capability of each of these techniques for understanding the properties of UV-emitting nitride semiconductors, and the benefits were appropriate, in combining the techniques.
Electron microscopy , UV-emitting nitride , Semiconductor
Trager-Cowan, C., Alasmari, A., Avis, W., Bruckbauer, J., Edwards, P. R., Hourahine, B., Kraeusel, S., Kusch, G., Johnston, R., Naresh-Kumar, G., Martin, R. W., Nouf-Allehiani, M., Pascal, E., Spasevski, L., Thomson, D., Vespucci, S., Parbrook, P. J., Smith, M. D., Enslin, J., Mehnke, F., Kneissl, M., Kuhn, C., Wernicke, T., Hagedorn, S., Knauer, A., Kueller, V., Walde, S., Weyers, M., Coulon, P. M., Shields, P. A., Zhang, Y., Jiu, L., Gong, Y., Smith, R. M., Wang, T. and Winkelmann, A. (2019) 'Scanning electron microscopy as a flexible technique for investigating the properties of UV-emitting nitride semiconductor thin films', Photonics Research, 7(11), pp. 73-82. doi: 10.1364/PRJ.7.000B73