Healthcare staff's views on responding to suicide and self-harm: Part II

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Goodwin, John
Kilty, Caroline
Meehan, Elaine
Murphy, Margaret
Dillon, Christina
Heffernan, Sinead
Greaney, Sonya
O'Brien, Maidy
Chambers, Derek
Twomey, Una
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Purpose: To report on healthcare staff's views of the barriers to preventing suicide and self-harm. Design and Methods: Using a qualitative approach, data were collected through “World Café” discussion forums and written submissions, and analyzed using reflexive thematic analysis. Findings: Healthcare staff, including psychiatric nurses, perceived that a whole of society approach was needed for suicide and self-harm prevention. Support for those at the front line is needed as well as clear referral pathways and interagency working. Practice Implications: Formalized support for staff working in healthcare should be given with a flexible and inclusive approach to service delivery adopted.
Healthcare staff , Qualitative research , Suicide , Self-harm , World café
Goodwin, J., Kilty, C., Meehan, E., Murphy, M., Dillon, C., Heffernan, S., Greaney, S., O'Brien, M., Chambers, D., Twomey, U. and Horgan, A. (2021) 'Healthcare staff's views on responding to suicide and self-harm: Part II', Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 57(4), pp. 1743-1750. doi: 10.1111/ppc.12744
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