Financial resilience among doctors in training and the COVID-19 pandemic

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Kijowsjki, F.
Moore, Stephen
Iqbal, S.
Cronin, Jodi
Milewski, L.
Woods, Noel
O'Reilly, Seamus
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Aim: Deaths of doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted an assessment of financial resilience among doctors in training in Ireland. Methods: In 2020, a 27-item online survey of demographics, work practices and finances was circulated nationally. The results were assessed using multiple correspondence analysis to develop a financial resilience framework. Results: 161 responses were received. Only 26 (16.1%) respondents had income insurance, 10 (6.2%) had composed a will, and 41 (25.5%) had life insurance. 135 (83.9%) had not sought financial guidance and 153 (95%) were not aware of employer supports in event of death/disability. 105 (65.2%) would be considered financially fragile based on their median savings. Using a multiple correspondence analysis, 74 (46%) of the cohort were financially insecure. In the event of death 44/70 (62.9%) of those with dependents, felt that their dependents would not be looked after. Conclusion: The majority of doctors in training lack both financial resilience and knowledge, nor are they aware of financial support structures. Financial management should be incorporated into medical education.
Financial resilience , Doctors in training , COVID-19 pandemic
Kijowsjki, F., Moore, S., Iqbal, S., Cronin, J., Milewski, L., Woods, N. and O'Reilly, S. (2021) 'Financial resilience among doctors in training and the COVID-19 pandemic', Irish Medical Journal, 114(6), P380 (9pp). Available at: (Accessed: 10 August 2021)
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