Collaborating with students: Reflections on University College Cork Library co-creating learning experiences

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Chen, Stephanie
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University College Cork Library launched its Library Learning Resources course on Canvas (the University’s VLE) at the start of the 2020 academic year. The course consists of seven, self-directed interdisciplinary modules which offer teaching to all students on information searching and Library resources. The Library’s online course allows for access to knowledge, skills and resources at anytime from anywhere. This poster outlines the key learnings from a 2021 summer project funded by the University’s Office of the Vice-President for Learning & Teaching. The project involved Library staff collaborating with a diverse and inclusive group of students to: obtain feedback on the Library’s modules; implement improvements based on feedback; develop interactive learning objects and content, allowing for the co-creation of learning experiences. The outcome of the project was a refined Library course which was more appealing and engaging. Library staff and students used H5P to co-create new interactive learning objects which help cement knowledge and allow for self-evaluation. An interactive, app-based scavenger hunt was also developed to provide an impactful first experience of UCC Library buildings for new students. The co-creation of interactive learning objects and a scavenger hunt shows how technology can be used to enhance and support learning. The poster will outline the importance of partnering with students in projects, suggest ways in which technology can be used in enhancing and supporting learning, and summarize the challenges experienced as well as what worked and what didn’t work.
Library learning resources , Information searching , Library resources , Interactive learning objects , Self-evaluation
Chen, S. (2023) 'Collaborating with students: Reflections on University College Cork Library co-creating learning experiences', LILAC 2023, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 19-21 April.
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