Towards micropump- and microneedle-based drug delivery using Micro Transdermal Interface Platforms (MicroTIPs)

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Tjulkins, Fjodors
Sebastian, Ryan
Guillerm, Theo
Clover, A. James P.
Hu, Yu
Lyness, Alexander
O'Mahony, Conor
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Micro Transdermal Interface Platforms (MicroTIPs) will combine minimally invasive microneedle arrays with highly miniaturized sensors, actuators, control electronics, wireless communications and artificial intelligence. These patch-like devices will be capable of autonomous physiological monitoring and transdermal drug delivery, resulting in increased patient adherence and devolved healthcare. In this paper, we experimentally demonstrate the feasibility of controlled transdermal drug delivery using a combination of 500 μm tall silicon microneedles, a commercial micropump, pressure and flow sensors, and bespoke electronics. Using ex-vivo human skin samples and a customized application/retraction system, leak-free delivery of volumes ranging from 0.7-1.1 mL has been achieved in under one hour. Clinical Relevance — This work experimentally confirms the feasibility of combining micropumps with microneedle arrays for applications in transdermal drug delivery.
Wireless communication , Actuators , Wearable computers , Micropumps , Drug delivery , Skin , Silicon , Artificial Intelligence , Communication , Drug Delivery Systems , Electronics , Humans , Needles
Tjulkins, F., Sebastian, R., Guillerm, T., Clover, A. J. P., Hu, Y., Lyness, A. and O'Mahony, C. (2022) 'Towards Micropump- and Microneedle-based Drug Delivery using Micro Transdermal Interface Platforms (MicroTIPs)', 44th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE EMBC 2022), Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 11-15 July, pp. 3020-3023. doi: 10.1109/EMBC48229.2022.9871455