Low threshold lasing in InP/GaInP quantum dot microdisks

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Lebedev, D. V.
Vlasov, A. S.
Kulagina, M. M.
Troshkov, S. I.
Guseva, Y. A.
Pelucchi, Emanuele
Gocalińska, Agnieszka M.
Juska, Gediminas
Romanova, A. Y.
Buriak, P. A.
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We report a realization of room temperature lasing threshold of 1 μW in GaInP microdisk containing a few self-aggregated InP/GaInP quantum dots (QDs) grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy. InP/GaInP QD microdisk cavities emitting in the spectral range of 700–800 nm and having the size of ~2 μm, free spectral range of ~35 nm and quality factors Q ~ 4000 were formed by wet chemical etching. Low dot density (~2 μm–2) and large dot size (~150 nm), suggesting a single dot lasing and maximum overlap of QD and cavity mode, were achieved using deposition of 3 ML of InP layer at 700°C.
Whispering gallery modes , Laser
Lebedev, D. V., Vlasov, A. S., Kulagina, M. M., Troshkov, S. I., Guseva, Y. A., Pelucchi, E., Gocalinska, A., Juska, G., Romanova, A. Y., Buriak, P. A., Smirnov, V. I., Shelaev, A. V., Bykov, V. A. and Mintairov, A. M. (2018) 'Low threshold lasing in InP/GaInP quantum dot microdisks', Semiconductors, 52(14), pp. 1894-1897. doi:10.1134/S1063782618140166
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