Parental and clinician views of consent in neonatal research

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O'Shea, Niamh
Doran, Kieran
Ryan, C. Anthony
Dempsey, Eugene M.
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Aim: To determine parental and clinician views of the informed consent process in neonatal research. Methods: A questionnaire-based study on the informed consent process. Two questionnaires were developed and distributed to parents and clinicians over a four-month period. Results: Thirty-four parents (79%) surveyed had consented their baby to a research study. The majority of clinicians (72%) had a preference for antenatal provision of information. A desire to help future babies (97%, n=32) and a belief that their babyâ s healthcare would directly benefit (72%, n=28) were primary reasons for consenting. The majority (76% n=28) of parents were not in favour of a waiver of consent. However twenty clinicians (56%) agreed that a waiver of consent may be appropriate in neonatal research. Thirty-one (86%) clinicians rated GCP training as important. Discussion: Parents are generally supportive of neonatal research. Good clinical practice training is essential for clinicians involved in neonatal research.
Clinical article , Clinical practice , Human experiment , Infant , Newborn
O'Shea, N. , Doran, K., Ryan, C. A. and Dempsey, E. M. (2018) 'Parental and clinician views of consent in neonatal research', Irish Medical Journal, 111 (3), 706. Available online:
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