Global talent and mobility in a decentralised multinational enterprise

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McDonnell, Anthony
Jooss, Stefan
Scullion, Hugh
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Edward Elgar Publishing
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This case examines several key issues and challenges faced by a European-owned, building materials sector multinational enterprise (MNE) that has grown rapidly over the past four decades based largely on an international strategy of cross-border acquisitions. The case highlights links between the business strategy and global talent management and, more particularly, the role of the corporate human resource (HR) function in the context of a company with a culture committed to delivering superior performance through a highly decentralised approach to managing international business operations. The case illustrates some of the complexity of global staffing and talent management issues in developed markets and also in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Asia. The talent management challenges are arguably more acute in these regions due to greater cultural and institutional differences, which results in a particular demand for a distinctive type of managerial talent which can operate effectively in these culturally complex and geographically distant markets (Skuza et al., 2013).
Human resources (HR) , Multinational enterprise (MNE) , Global staffing , Decentralization , Globalization , Global mobility , Global strategy
McDonnell, A., Jooss, S. and Scullion, H. (2020) 'Global talent and mobility in a decentralised multinational enterprise,' in Dundon, T. and Wilkinson, A. (eds). Case Studies in Work, Employment and Human Resource Management, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 230-238. doi: 10.4337/9781788975599.00047
© 2020. This is a draft chapter. The final version is available in Case Studies in Work, Employment and Human Resource Management edited by Tony Dundon and Adrian Wilkinson published in 2020, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.