Lasing of InP/AlInAs quantum dots in AlInAs microdisk cavity

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Lebedev, D. V.
Mintairov, A. M.
Kulagina, M.M
Troshkov, S.I.
Kapaldo, J.
Merz, J.L.
Rouvimov, S.
Juska, Gediminas
Gocalińska, Agnieszka M.
Moroni, Stefano T.
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AlInAs microdisk cavities having quality factor Q ~ 15 000 were fabricated from lattice-matched InP/AlInAs (interface/aggregation) quantum dot (QD) structures using wet chemical etching. The QD emission coupled to whispering gallery modes was observed at spectral range 920 - 1000 nm at temperatures of 10 - 160 K. The laser generation with threshold power density of 50 W/cm2 at T = 10 K was observed under optical pumping. It was found that the spontaneous emission coupling factor β equals 0.23 for these microdisks. The low temperature lasing operation and the small coupling factors observed suggest the existence of small QDs formed at the InP/InAlAs interface as the main active elements.
Semiconductor quantum dots , Active elements , Coupling factor , Laser generation , Lasing operation , Low temperatures , Microdisk cavities , Quality factor Q , Threshold power density , Couplings , Nanocrystals , Nanoelectronics , Nanostructures , Optical pumping , Pumping (laser) , Temperature , Wet etching , Whispering gallery modes
Lebedev, D. V., Mintairov, A. M., Kulagina, M. M., Troshkov, S. I., Kapaldo, J., Merz, J. L., Rouvimov, S., Juska, G., Gocalinska, A., Moroni, S. T. and Pelucchi, E. (2016) 'Lasing of InP/AlInAs quantum dots in AlInAs microdisk cavity', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 690(1), 012023 (5 pp). doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/690/1/012023