Core Outcome Set for GROwth restriction: deVeloping Endpoints (COSGROVE)

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Healy, Patricia
Gordijn, Sanne
Ganzevoort, Wessel
Beune, Irene
Baschat, Ahmet
Khalil, Asma
Kenny, Louise
Bloomfield, Frank
Daly, Mandy
Papageorghiou, Aris
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Foetal growth restriction (FGR) refers to a foetus that does not reach its genetically predetermined growth potential. It is well recognised that growth-restricted foetuses are at increased risk of stillbirth, foetal compromise, early neonatal death and neonatal morbidity. Later in life, they are prone to health problems, including increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders. Interventions for preventing and treating FGR have been studied in many trials, but evidence is often difficult to synthesise and compare because of differences in the selection and definition of outcomes. To enable future trials to measure similar, meaningful outcomes, we are developing two core outcome sets (COS) – one for prevention and the other for treatment of FGR.
Core outcome sets , Delphi , Methodology , Foetal growth restriction , Pregnancy
Healy, P., Gordijn, S., Ganzevoort, W., Beune, I., Baschat, A., Khalil, A., Kenny, L., Bloomfield, F., Daly, M., Papageorghiou, A. and Devane, D., 2018. Core Outcome Set for GROwth restriction: deVeloping Endpoints (COSGROVE). Trials, 19(1), (451). DOI: 10.1186/s13063-018-2819-9